Concentration and creativity go hand in hand in the study and home office. This makes it all the more important to create an inspiring and comfortable ambience through sensible interior design. The stylish flat felt rugs from myfelt provide the perfect basis for a distraction-free yet stylish work environment. Available in many different colours, they create a cosy atmosphere under the desk or can be used as a runner to set aesthetic accents in the room.


myfelt rugs create the perfect working environment

Robust and durable - myfelt

rugs for the study

Thanks to the robust material properties of the high-quality wool, the flat felt rugs from myfelt can also find their place under the office chair. In fact, all myfelt rugs can be used on both sides, as the top and bottom are identical. Due to the timeless modern design of the myfelt felt rugs, myfelt felt rugs can be easily combined with different furniture and materials.

Seat Pads

Stylish colour accents provide visual highlights in the study

Well combined -

MYFELT felt pads in

Standard sizes and in


With myfelt's comfortable seat pads, chairs and seating can be upgraded in the blink of an eye. Both flat and in an attractive felt ball design, they are a practical addition to classic office chairs and transform them into design objects. Because, as with all other myfelt products, design and workmanship meet the highest standards. Even a set of chairs in the study or a small meeting lounge can be embellished in a practical way with the soft seat pads. In addition to the standard sizes, the felt ball seat covers can also be adjusted to any individual size.

Felt pads and baskets

Stylish colour accents provide visual highlights in the office

Well combined - felt coasters

from myfelt in many sizes

A beautiful and tidy workplace promotes concentration. Because work is often more effective and more pleasant in an orderly environment. The felt baskets and coasters from myfelt are used as small organisers. Their robust yet soft structure lends the study a special atmosphere. The felt baskets in different sizes and colours not only create order on the desk, but also cut a good figure on sideboards, shelves and side tables. Smartphones, headphones for the next video meeting, pens and other small work materials are kept handy and stylish in the study with the beautiful coasters.