myfelt felt and felt ball rugs as well as all other felt products are traditionally handcrafted under fair and sustainable working conditions in our partner factory in Nepal.

High Quality Wool

All myfelt products are made from 100% virgin wool. The raw material to be processed, the pure wool, comes from sheep exclusively from New Zealand. Myfelt sources these exclusively from the New Zealand farmers' association "New Zealand Wool Services International Ltd (WSI)". This guarantees pure wool of one of the best quality in the world and, above all, sustainable and animal welfare-friendly husbandry and gentle shearing of the sheep, which is what we love most Hearts (certified mulesing-free). It is one of the highest quality of its kind in the world. The original material offers durability and quality at the highest level.

Origin of the Wool

The wool used by myfelt is sourced exclusively from New Zealand Wool Services International Ltd (New Zealand farmers’ association). In addition to the excellent quality, this association pays strict attention to the observance of animal welfare and sustainable sheep farming and the “mulesing-free” and thus gentle shearing of the sheep. The myfelt promise: No animal has suffered in the entire manufacturing process and in the extraction of the raw material wool.


All myfelt products are made from 100% pure and sustainably sourced new wool from New Zealand. New Zealand virgin wool is one of the highest quality and most durable wool types in the world. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, myfelt does not use any chemical additives. From the raw material to the finished product, everything remains natural.

Free of harmful substances for a healthy room atmosphere

Combing & dyeing

The pure sheep's wool is first carded in selected and proven partner factories in Nepal: the fibers are aligned so that a uniform, beautiful pile is created. This is then washed several times. The wool is then given its final character in “Label STEP®” FairTrade certified dyeing plants – dyed according to purely ecological guidelines and European standards. All colors and all other components of myfelt products have been tested for harmful substances and are harmless to health.

Felting & making

The felt or each individual felt ball is brought into its final shape by hand in several steps with the highest precision. With myfelt felt ball carpets, the finished felt balls are connected to each other using a specially developed knotting process, which also enables the carpet to be used on both sides. This creates a product of the highest craftsmanship: For example, a carpet with up to 50,000 individually sewn felt balls by hand.

Fair Working Conditions & Social Responsibility

All myfelt products are manufactured under fair and transparent working conditions in our partner factory in Nepal by adult and trained artisans.

Fair and transparent working conditions

Based on our sustainable company philosophy, all products are manufactured under fair and transparent working conditions in our factory in Nepal by adult and trained artisans. Our partner factory works according to European framework and occupational safety conditions and is an official training company in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. In addition to holiday pay, our team in Nepal also receives company pensions, parental leave and benefits, a 13th month salary and free food in the in-house canteen. We have already received several awards from the Nepalese government for our commitment. myfelt is the only felt product manufacturer in the world to be certified by GoodWeave International. Since 1995, GoodWeave's main goal has been to eliminate child labor in the carpet industry and to maintain very good working and environmental conditions. Since 2014, we have been actively involved with GoodWeave in social and ecological projects in Nepal. You can find detailed information about the requirements for certification here.