Wool felt is a robust and easy-care material. The fat content of the wool we use and the density of the material prevent dirt and liquids from penetrating quickly. All myfelt felt products are made from pure natural materials. When it comes to care and cleaning, wool felt is a durable material.

"A robust and easy -care material."

Due to the environmentally friendly colour method, myfelt products should only be cleaned dry. Cleaning is best done by shaking off or knocking out. We colour according to purely ecological colouring methods, which makes the wool fat content (lanolin, natural fat content of felt) particularly high in the rugs. A quick penetration of dirt is prevented by the fat content of the wool and the density of the natural material. The high water and dirt-repellent properties make our felt products into long-lasting companions.

  • myfelt rugs can be vacuumed as normal and used on both sides.
  • Do not (!) use a brush or brush attachments when vacuuming rugs.
  • Water-based and chemical cleaning can lead to colour changes.

If liquid is spilt, it is not absorbed immediately due to the natural properties of felt, similar to the lotus effect, but can be removed with a damp cloth. Any stains that are spotted later can be removed quickly and easily with soap, warm water and a sponge.

Smoothing - Brought Into Shape

If the felt or some of the felt balls have become roughened through daily and long-term use, the felt can be smoothed out with the help of an iron (setting: wool, if necessary also with minimal steam). To do this, carefully iron the roughened areas smooth with the iron. Lint, which can be caused by intensive and long friction, can easily be removed with a lint shaver.